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Build Websites

User interface and Website Design

We will design and build you a website to suit your needs and style it to your preferences and specifications 

The importance of quality web design 

You only get one opportunity to make a first impression and when you’re competing with the entirety of the internet it better be a good one. You want to provide visitors to your website with a user experience that is easy to use, provides all the information they want along with a visually appealing design. Your website will provide a perception of quality of your services and business and if that perception of quality is not high enough then they are likely to take their business elsewhere   

Internet hosting​


For your website to be seen on the internet it must be hosted on a server. This server connects the website to the internet which allows people to access it through the web address and search engines such as Google. There are two main factors to consider when choosing a web host provider, speed and reliability. When you build a website through us we can host your website on the servers we use or we can assist you in finding your own web hosting provider.  

Website Security

Website security and hacking prevention

Computer hacking attempts and loss of data can be avoided through proactive measures. Keeping your software up to date and keeping backups of your website will minimise threats to your website and business. We offer routine website security scans that search for malicious activity and alert you if there are any unauthorised attempts to access the website.


There is a visible difference between a secure site and an unsecure one. This can be seen in the address bar as a padlock at the beginning of the web address. This padlock demonstrates that the website has a SSL certificate. The SSL certificate ensures that the data going to and from the website is encrypted and can’t be accessed or misused by third parties.

Website Responsivness

Websites that fit to any screen

Websites are built on desktops or laptops environments on a landscape view but there are many different types of devices that people use to browse the internet . A responsive website needs to be adaptable to the screen size without compromising the style or information you are presenting. Mobile phones have become the dominant device people use to browse the internet, meaning that for your website to have maximum effectiveness it must be optimised for the small screen without comprising any of the functionality of the website.   


To Buy and Sell

For most businesses sales are a vital component of success. Your website needs to have the functionality to allow your customers to purchase items from you. Depending on your requirements you may want a digital storefront with the ability to process credit card payments alternatively you may want to connect your restaurant to a third party delivery app. We build websites with a layout and design that lead customers to a purchase pathway whilst branding your product to entice your customers.

SEO + Marketing

Digital Marketing and SEO Functionality

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the art of setting up your website to rank on search engines such as Google. Having a search engine optimised site allows people who are searching for your products and services to find them. Unless people are searching for your business by name you will not be found on search engines without an SEO strategy in place. Without any SEO plan, your competition will be found before you and that is where your customers are likely to take their business. There are many factors that affect how well your website ranks on search engines; keywords, internal/external links,listings on alternative websites along with many other factors. In short the higher you rank the more likely your website will be clicked on and the more likely your website is clicked on the more likely you will make a sale.

Website Pricing

Letterbox Website

A small 1-2 section website
$ 299
  • Ideal for a website with one paragraph of information

One Page Wonder

One page website
$ 699
  • One page website that can be between 2-20 sections with navigation buttons
Best deal

Complete Professional Website

A complete multi-paged website
$ 1099
  • A complete website with a menu linking to all the pages
  • A custom site to suit your specifications and needs
Top quality

Hosting Prices

Hosting With Us

We will host your website for you
$25 $ 10
  • No need to worry about the technical details of internet hosting. We will take care of the for you

Third Party Hosting

We will find a hosting plan for you
$ 49
  • We will assit you in finding a hosting plan that will suit your particular circumstances

Website Management

Website Management Plan

We will regularly check in on your website
$ 5
  • If you don't want to be concerned about updating and maintaining you website we will take care of that for you

SEO Plans

Basic SEO

The minimum requirements for effect SEO
$ 149
  • You website will have the recommended keywords in place for search engine rankings

Complete SEO

SEO strategies for their maximum effectiveness
$ 599
  • By using the best strategies and method of effective SEO we can give your site the greatest opportunity to rank number one
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