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Button Designs

Create a link to any web address with any design you can imagine

Rankings & Reviews

Present reviews of your services and products

5 Star review
10 Star review


You have many heading options

Some with colour

Tilted Borders



How will this be used For maximum effect

How will this be used For maximum effect

Image Carousel

Present a row of images that can be scrolled through

List Creation

Make a list with icons to show what you can offer

  • Use this list in creative ways
  • Write a menu
  • List qualifications
  • add numbers
  • Step by step instructions
  • Created a list of requirements
  • Write suggestions
  • Bring attention to provided services
  • Create links to other websites
  • Show support to the rebels

Number Counter

Display an animation of counting numbers for any number you want to present

Eye Catching Number Counter
Count High and low
Count up or down

Progress Bar

This animated progress bar can amaze visitors to your website while presenting information in an easy to understand format.

Show how much progress has been made
Completed 25%
Show your level of skill
Skill level
How close to being fully booked
Rooms Booked 75%
Level of customer satisfaction
Happy Customers 100%

Information Tabs

You have many options to present text and information

Use this to demonstrate

Creative ways to 

Present information in

A stylised way

Alternatively you could 

Present the words in a way

That allows visitors to see

All of the information

Information Cards

These information cards can be used for most purposes and fit any style

A box for information

Super Duper!

Info Card

Say what you want to say with this info box


Hover for animation

Now you see me

Now you don't

Customer & Employee Profile

Customer testimonials and profiles for the staff

This can be use for customer testimonials
Jill Doe

Team Member

Introduce your team members and link in with their social media

Slide Image Compare

This image slide comparison can be used for a variety of ways for comparing picture, before & after photos, zoom and enhance and for any reason you want two images to overlap

Step Flow Plan

Step 1

Create a step by step plan

Step 2

Implement the Plan

Step 3

Complete the plan

Step 4

Check results of plan

Pricing Presentation

Price Plan #1

This is a popular method of presenting prices

  • First Feature
  • Second Feature
  • Third Feature

Price Plan #2

This box can be modified to suit any style

  • First Feature
  • Second Feature
  • Third Feature

Price Plan #3

Consider all of the possibilities

  • First Feature
  • Second Feature
  • Third Feature
First Item
First Item
$26 $18

This is a popular method of presenting menu items

$26 $18
Second Item
Second Item

Create an online menu to entice your customers

Third Item
Third Item

Present discounts and specials offers with this feature


Opening Hours

Tell your customers what hours your business is operating

Monday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Content Switch

This content switch is able to present two sets of text in the same area

Heading 1
Heading 2

Want to say two thing while using the same space?


Present a timeline of event with this stylised feature


Your Timeline

Every story begins somewhere



Heading 2

Tell your story with this feature



Heading 3

Customers will get a better understanding of your business



Heading 4

They will be able to relate to your situation on a more personal level 



Heading 5

Present a timeline of any event you want to show



Use a map to tell people where you are and how to get there

Social Media

use social media icons to lead people to your social media accounts


Add music and sound to your website


Add videos to your website

Contact Us Form

Add a form for people to get in contact with you and ask questions

Particle Effects

Login Form

Have a login feature to your website and have parts of the site that are only accessible using a password

Icon Features

Use icons to present marketable qualities of your business


Bring attention to the features you want to promote


Talk about the high quality service you provide


Use well designed icons to impress your customers

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